Content Leechers!

Hi all,

It is with sadness I had to make this announcement.

It has been brought to my attention that there were a few people who took contents of this site and claimed as their own, posting it on other websites.

So I would like to emphasise these rules:

The contents on this site, such as images, info, multimedia were provided to everyone for free as a service we do to share the love. So you are free to download them, enjoy them for your own.  But please do be considerate of the staff that went through the trouble to scan the images, rip and upload the CDs.
So if you were to use them outside of this site, please do credit us and not claim them as your own.

If the leeching continues, I will be forced to remove all the goodies because it is unfair to the staff that put in so much effort into putting them together.

Thank you,


Chapter Three up! Kaji VS Yunoki and Tsukimori VS Hihara! 8D

Hi all,

yes, I know it took a while again, but here I come with chapter 3 of Durch Leiden Freude ~Happiness that Lies Ahead of Bitterness~.

Although it has been a long wait, but to compensate, this is a very loooooooong chapter and is broken into 2 parts. I think the angst have reached a max in this chapter, my heart was even aching when I was typing it...XD

Since now the story have entered into a certain stage, I have also set up polls for who you think should win Hino Kahoko's heart at the end, although I have a feeling where the poll will be leaning towards...==;;

Anyway, enjoy!


Updates in Multimedia Section

Err...yeah, I really should be putting up this news a few days ago, but I keep forgetting...


Just a quick update that La Corda D'Oro Episode 14 subbed is in the Multimedia section and so is Kiniro no Corda 2 ~Felice~

I personally recommend  Kiniro no Corda 2 ~Felice~ because it consist of the full versions of the ending songs sung by each of the characters in Kiniro no Corda 2, including Kira! XD

I would recommend Without End by Tsukimori Len. The violin in it is just soooo sad...;_;

listening to that song is giving me more inspirations for the new dream novel series....XD

anyhow, enough blabbering from me,


New Gallery Section Featuring More Albums!

Hello everybody!

Here I come with great news on a big update from us.

We have made a major change to the gallery section of the site. With the new gallery software, it now allows us to host more pictures in a more flexible way!

Below are the changes:

  • We have added other beautiful images of other otome games (both PC and PS2), and more to come!
  • You can now add comments and rate the images.
  • It also now allow easier downloads.

That's all for now!


Chapter Two is up for Durch Leiden Freude!

Hi all,


just bringing an update for the next chapter of my new dream novel series Durch Leiden Freude. 

I know you guys are going to weep for Hihara, and I do too..

But still, EVIL YUNOKI SENPAI BANZAI!! ~\>w</~



Subbed La Corda D'Oro anime episodes now available for download

Hi all,

Yes, I know it's quite late, but just to let you know the subbed episodes for La Corda D'Oro ~Primmo Passo~ is now available for download in the multimedia section.



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