Ending 1, Kaji Aoi Side is up and ready!


First of all,

m(_ _)m 

For I have been slack and took so long to update the endings. But I havent forgotten it! XD

 Here I come with ending number 1 of the long Durch Leiden Freude series, Kaji Aoi gets the girl! 8D

I know not many of you are his fan yet, but hopefully after reading his ending, I can convert you :3

So, go ahead and read it, please leave me feedback on how you have felt about this dream novel, and please do not go away because I will update with endings 2, 3, 4 soon!


Chapter 9 of Durch Leiden Freude is ready, and the series is coming to an end!

konichiwa everyone!

I apologise once again for keeping you all waiting for so long everytime I update a chapter...if you have been waiting. Anyway, here I present to you Chapter 9 of Durch Leiden Fruede. And as you can see, the series is coming to and end! *phew*

Since I am greedy and cannot bear to lose any bishies for myself, I have decided to write an ending each for Hihara, Kaji, Yunoki and Tsukimori. So all you Hino Kahokos can finally be happy that everybody wins! XD

well, one bishii will still get a sad ending though....>D

So, as you can see, the endings are not up yet, but bear with me, and I will type the endings up soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy!


Yeepee~ Chapter 8 is up! Also a change to multimedia section


yeah...lazy me finally finished chapter 8 of Durch Leiden Freude! I have revealed something surprising in this chapter, but it was all a preparation for the endings to come...XD

And yes, this is a very Kaji chapter, just felt the guy needs a bit more love....:3

There will be one more chapter to finally bringing in multiple endings. So, everything will happen in the next chapter,  someone is going to get a sad ending~

From the look on the poll, it might be Tsukimori... 

There is also a big change to the multimedia section.

Due to the virus problem, we have decided to move all the multimedia items to the forum. So if you want to access it, you must become an active member there to be given access.

Anyway, that is all!


Virus problem resolved

Dear all, 

I guess you might all already be aware that this site was hit by a virus, and it was basically causing alot of trouble for people trying to browse the site. 

Apologies, and thanks to litewolf-san, this has been resolved. ^^ 

Due to some problems with the program that runs the download, I have taken down the multimedia section temporarily. This will be upped again once I have installed a new software. 

Other than that, I have been quite busy recently, and due to work I haven't been allowed to update Durch Leiden Freude, if anyone is still looking forward to it....>.>;; 

I have had some progress, and hopefully the updates will be up this coming weekend! Meanwhile, please help me once again in a new poll...XD

I want to write a sad ending for someone, meaning this person wins Kahoko's love at the  end but due to environment, time, etc they cannot to be together type of sad ending.

In this case, who do you think best suits a sad ending? Just some ideas for me to lay foundation for multiple endings. :3


DLF Chapter 7 Xmas version!

Hi all,


thank you for participating in the poll of the special Christmas Night event for Durch Leiden Freude Chapter 7! So Here it is for all you Tsukimori lovers.

I included a few "visitors" in this chapter too, hope you enjoy it! :D

Damn you tsundere Tsukimori, you eat and run, and poor Yunoki senpai!!!

Kaji, you are so cool in this chapter! XD 


Merry Christmas everyone!



Dear all,

I have just been informed that some evil virus is lurking on this site through the RSS feed. This currently only affects IE users, so if you are an IE user, be careful when you visit our site!

The virus will pop up pretending to be a Java, Quick Time or Windows program asking you do click run or install.

DO NOT CLICK IT!! It will do some weird stuff to your computer!

For more information, you can read it here.

Thanks to Lifewolf for informing me.

For the time being, I will turn off RSS feed.


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