Omake section

Hi all~

just letting you know that I have created a new section called 'Omake' under Neo Romance fandom.

Omake is the place where I place all the fanfics written by other people for the site, so enjoy them there~

  1. Thanks to SweetCakes, she wrote a hillarious Corda fic called Bunny Tale and has been included in the Omake section. Read it, it will make you cry with tears of laughter!
  2. ayame has kindly written a Yunoki lemon episode for Durch Leiden Freude. You can also enjoy it in the Omake section.
  3. I have also added my Kaji lemon I wrote as an extra for the DLF Kaji ending. It is also in the Omake section.

I will add more as more gift fanfics as they comes along~

Oh, one more thing. Since I get stuck everytime writing Hihara's ending, I have decided to give up and skip it and move onto Tsukimori's ending for DLF instead. As expected, I had no problem writing it, so expect Tsukimori Ending to be up soon~

 Yes, Tsukimori's ending is the OFFICIAL Durch Leiden Freude ending...yeepee for all you Tsukimori fans.



Changes to Gallery Section

Dear all,

In case you are wondering why you cannot access the gallery anymore, it is because we have decided to change it to members only.

So if you would like to view it, simply sign up.

Thank you,


English Otome Games!!

Dear all,

the opportunity has finally come for English speaking world to purchase otome games in ENGLISH!!

Idea Factory Japan are looking at launching their games in English, before they could launch it, they would like to know the market demand and what we, would like in an English otome game. So if you would like to participate, please help with the survey on our forum. (note: only registered members can participate.)

The games Idea Factory have launched already in Japan, you can find out more on their official website.

Thank you for your help! m(_ _)m


The survey has already ended so please do not respond to this thread anymore.



Otome Game Reviews

Dear all~

with the help of our dedicated staff, we have decided to provide reviews for otome games.

This is from the feedback of people who wanted to buy a game but does not know whether it is worth it. So I hope you find our service useful. ^^

We only have a few at the moment, but it is work in progress and we will continue to add more.

Let us spread the otome game love to the rest of the English speaking world~


Yunoki Extra Side Added!

Dear all,
due to the feedback I received from the Yunoki ending I wrote, mainly because of the strong impact it caused, I have decided to add an extra chapter for those that was left with the indigested feeling from the original ending.
I guess it is a late birthday gift I have prepared for our beloved ebil Yunoki Azuma senpai!
To read it, just go to the end of the original ending, and you will see the new link there!
I personally still prefer the original ending because I love torturing him...>D

Ending 2, the long awaited Yunoki Azuma ending and it's hawt!

Dear all,

 I havent been lazy and here I come bringing you the long awaited ending for Durch Leiden Freude, Yunoki Azuma Side!!

It is long, and it is hot....=w=

Let me warn you now, it containts adult themes so I will rated it 15+.

Dont worry, it is not completely smut, because I will leave the imagining to you~ XD 

Okay, go now, go read~

Please let me know whether you like the series~

Two endings down, two more to go! ~\^0^/~


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