A new layout for the site!

Hi all~

in case you haven't noticed, which is very hard not to, but we have got a new layout! Yes, it is quite different from our old one, this time feature Nagi and Chihiro from Harukanaru Toki no Nakade 4. This wonderful layout is created by Eileen, a great great friend of mine.  So if you like what she has done for this site, please visit her portfolio and check out her other works!

Meanwhile, enjoy your stay at My NeoRomance~


Neo Angelique section up!

Dear all,

after two years since its release date, Neo Angelique finally has its own section here in the main site!

The game information page is already up for all to see; hopefully, you won't have to wait long for the character profiles.

You can find it in the menu on your left under "Neo Angelique".


A New Dream Novel Series Starts!

Hi all,

with all your support of my last dream novel series Durch Leiden Freude, I have now decided to start another one based on the manga/anime Vampire Knight. yes I know it is not NeoRomance, but I wanted to write something for this fandom so here it goes.

It is more an original story with the same characters, but the heroine is not Cross Yuki but an original character which would be you. ^^

 As usual I will mix in all the other characters from the series, but because it is very original, meaning it doesnt have much of a link to the original story (e.g Zero being a vampire etc) so even if you have never read the series you should still be able to enjoy it as an original story on its own.

So lots of love triangles again and expect angst and cliffhangers! xD

You can read it under "Other Anime Fandom" menu on the side.


Another Yunoki gift fic from ayame!

Dear all~


ayame has completed another Yunoki smut fic beautifully written based on Yunoki's ending in Durch Leiden Freude. Since I did not want to give any spoilers for those that havent read the ending yet, but let's just say, for those that have, this is a sweet add-on for those Yunoki x Kahoko fans that felt they deserved more love together.

So go ahead and read it at the Omake section. ^^/~


Just when you thought it was over...

Dear all~

Yes, just when you thought it was over, I return with an extra episode as promised. Durch Leiden Freude ~The Forgotten Side~ Featuring Tsuchiura Ryotaro and Kira Akihiko. By popular demand, I decided to give the pianist and hot smexy rijichou some love so here it is!

Please keep in mind, the setting is when Kahoko ended up with no one from the original story, then these two men come and sweep our Kahoko away~

To read it, please go to the Omake section under Durch Leiden Freude ~Ura Side~.


Tsukimori Ending Completed! It's All over!!


Dear people~ 

Here I finally come with the ending that majority of you have been waiting for, DA Tsukimori Len's Durch Leiden Freude Ending!!! and YEEEEEEES!! Tsukimori is a closet pervert!  you will understand why I said Kaji's ending is the most innocent 8D

AND Yes! It IS complete!! I have finished this long series! Wow, it has been over a year since I started! *0*

Although it is completed, I might end up adding more chapters on... 

If I ever return to writing Hihara ending. or the Forgotten Side of Tsuchiura and Kira

I would like to thank all the people that have supported and gave me ideas to help me complete this dream novel, I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed daydreaming writing it! xD 



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