I guess it just gets more complicated 8D

Hello all~

I have completed chapter 5 of my Vampire Knight dream novel, Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess.

This time I think things just got even more complicated, and it is really feeling more and more like a shounen instead of shoujo xDD

Anyway, expect a few new familiar characters added to the party~



A little bit something for the twins


Dear all~

After my muse bunnies died, it took quite a while to update my new fic again, but I still managed, so here it is ^^/~

Chapter four of Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess is up and ready. This time is something for the twins, more love for Ichiru and Zero. But for some reason, I still think Zero is slowly disappearing in this fic...o_O

Anyhow, enjoy~


Guess what I have for you?? XDD

Dear all,

guess what, I havent actually forgotten about our beloved senpai Hihara! So since my muse bunnies have been running wild in the last 2 days, I finally completed Hihara's ending for Druch Leiden Freude ~ Happiness that Lies Ahead of Bitterness~

Poor Hihara, his ending was supposed to come first before anyone, but he ended up being the final and last guy...;_;

So go on! Read it! His love is soooo sweet and innocent >w<

p.s I have also added my Prince of Tennis Dream Novel into Other Anime fandom. It is currently being hosted at endless-dreamers.net, but I thought I would add it to my collections here anyway if anyone wants to read it. ^^/


Merry Christmas and a gift to you! ^^


Merry Christmas everyone!

I am sure everyone's all happy relaxing away either cold or hot, waiting to receive presents and gain lots of weight from eating too much xD

Well, just a little gift to you all before the holidays, here I come with chapter 3 of my Vampire Knight dream novel, Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess. This chapter, we will be seeing a few unexpected visitors ^^



Otome Game News

Hi all~

I have added a new section called otome game news. This is basically taken from our forum where the members and staff would contribute and update the list for all you otome gamers out there so it would be easy to follow for what's coming, the release dates and info.

But of course if you would like more discussions in depth, just join us at the forum. :D

The game news section will be update regularly without notice if release dates have been announced, official website up, etc


Chapter 2 of Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess up!

Dear all~

 I have updated chapter 2 of the new Vampire Knight dream novel series I am writing,  Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess. This time, a "few" Pureblood vampire appears :D

Dont forget to click next to go to part 2 of chapter 2 because it is too long so I had to cut it into two parts again. xD 

You can find the update under Other Anime Fandom. Enjoy~ and once again all your feedbacks are appreciated!


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