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I'm sorry for the short warning, but the gallery will undergo maintenance in about 1-2 hours in order to update it and will most likely be unavaiable for a short time. Please check back this post to see the status of the works.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

 EDIT: Upgrade was successful, even if it took way more than prevented ; ;


Chapter 7 up and running, and it appears someone is pretty cunning....8D

Dear all~~


Sowie that once again after a loooooooooooooong wait I finally updated chapter 7 of Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess. Yes, truth be told I got stuck with the storyline because I couldnt get the marvellous Kaname plan to work xDD


But anyway, now its sort of worked out fine, and here it is. 

This time, we have a little scene from our favourite Pureblood couples, I love writing them even if it was only a little <333

 Oh yeah, due to some sort of virus running around on the Japanese sites, so the java script of the dream novel script is not working...T^T

So please be aware that you wont be able to read chapter 7 in dream novel format. Fixed~


Anyhow, enjoy!!


La Corda D'oro Secondo Passo, a second season or TV special??

Okay, considering the amount of rumours flying around regarding the launch of La Corda D'oro Secondo Passo, I thought I would make an entry and clear it up.

First of all, despite there are many websites out there that insist there is a second season for La Corda Doro, it does not change the fact that IT IS ONLY A TWO EPISODE TV SPECIAL

I guess people like to believe what they want to believe so the moment someone starts a rumour about a second season, no matter how many times I gave them the news translated directly from the official announcement, people would rather believe otherwise.


Below is the announcement from the official site which clearly states a 2 episode only TV special..


前編『金色のコルダ ~secondo passo~ 第1楽章』



I guess it probably would help to look at it this way.

1. Secondo Passo does not mean Second Season. (this explains why a lot of people complains why it is called a second season when it only has 2 episodes. Because it was never called a second season to start with.)

2. To produce an anime cost ALOT and ALOT of money. So unless there is great demand for it, such as popular shonen series like Bleach, Naruto etc, shojo manga usually do not get aired as anime for more than 26 episdoes.

3. Never forget Corda is from a otome game (dating sim for female gamers) and due to the popularity of it, KOEI decided to launch the anime (season 1) in order to promote their up coming game. And now they launched the 2 episodes TV special, it was simply to promote the PSP version of the Corda 2 game where they added a new character (Etou Kiriya)

4. So all Corda anime is only for the promotion of the game. And after the game is launched, KOEI would not see the need to produce an entire series because, if you want to know what really happened to the rest of the characters, they are saying, "Why dont you just buy the game and see for yourself?"

5. So trust me, nothing will be explained in the next episode. We still wont know who will end up with Kahoko. If you want to know, go play the game.

Here is my explanation, I hope this helps those who are still confused about a second season or not.

As for updateing my fic on Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess, I am suffering from a writers block at the moment...xD;;

But hopefully will get it done by end of this week.


So, what happens so Zero now? 8D

Dear all~

As the title states, after the end of chapter 5, we were left hanging to see what Zero would do in that situation. So here it is~

I bring you chapter 6 of my Vampire Knight Dream Novel, Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess.

Err...this chapter is a bit not suited for underaged, a bit of heat and passion is involved.

And wahhh, so much love for Zero in this chapter, and the Purebloods are ebil 8D;;



stolen images

Dear all,

I know everyone are happy and enjoying the scans we provided in the gallery section.

However I have found several being uploaded elsewhere such as animepaper without my permission.

I dont understand why anyone would do this, download the images from here and then go and upload them somewhere else in order to earn paper points and be thanked by everyone else?

Seriously, if I want these images shared elsewhere, I would upload them myself. But there is a reason why these images are only hosted here at My NeoRomance. If you think others should also enjoy these beautiful scans, refer them to this site and do not steal them!

These images were scanned by the staff individually, not to mention the money spent to buy these books and magazines, and the amount of effort put into sitting there before the scanner, scanning them one by one and cleaning them up, uploading them to the server.

I am sure there are plenty other sites out there that hosts the images from here, if you were one of those people who had shared them outside of this site, take them down IMMEDIATELY. If I do see them floating around, I will stop providing these scans.

So please, think twice before doing so.


A Corda Header for a Change!

Hi all~

In case you havent already noticed, we changed the header of the website this time featuring La Corda D'oro~

This is sort of to celebrate the launch of the TV special anime of La Corda D'oro Second Passo which is scheduled to be aired in Japan on 26th March 2009!

I thought since there are many rumours flying around about a second season, I would use this opportunity to clear it up. There is no second season, but only a 2 episode TV special. So for those that were led to believe the existence of an entire 26 episode anime, you will be disappointed.

But still, I am happy with the release of the 2 episodes, this time featuring the 3 new charatcers, Kaji Aoi, Kira Akihiko and Eto Kiriya.

I just realised the header doesnt have the 3 new guys....

 For those that have not yet seen the promotional video of Second Passo, you can view it on the official website ^^/

I am very glad with the quality of the anime, it is pretty nicely done.

Anyway, I hope you all like the new header since it's time to give Corda some love xD


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