Kazeiro Surf news and a new poll

This time, I come bringing (belated) news related to the PS2 game Kazeiro Surf.

I will write a review after clearing the game (3 characters to go!), in the meantime you can read about it in our forum.

The first news is that Russel.pure announced the release of a visual fanbook about this game! The book will contain all the CGs from the game, full profiles of each character and concept sketches. As bonus material, there will be short stories for each character that will take place after their endings in the game with new illustrations!
There is still no release date, but it is set for fall and will be part of the B's Log Collection.

Second news is, Russel.pure made an agreement with Yomban, a Japanese site that offers online reading for manga and novels, to serialize novel chapters set in the Kazeiro's Surf's world. To celebrate the character popularity poll, the first chapter will feature Oswell, winner of said poll, and will be released on August 13th. The chapters will feature extra illustrations made by the character designer of the game.
There will be 4 more chapters and will be released between September and December

Lastly, about the new poll~


Following the site update, we were wondering if we should provide a mobile-friendly version of the site, since more and more people like to keep contact of their favourite sites wherever they are. Since it would require some work, we would first like to hear your opinion so please vote! 8D

Welcome to My Neoromance 1.5, an upgrade to improve the site

Dear all~

After days of work, I can proudly say that the upgrade of our site has been completed!! 8D

There are a few new changes, so please read the below carefully in order to enjoy the new upgrade:

  • We have upgraded our Joomla from version 1.0 to 1.5. You might not even notice, but it was a great change and forced us to clean the user database. That means, you will have to register again to the site in order to access a few things.
  • The gallery changed again. To view it, you need to be a registered member of the My-Neoromance main site. (Meaning, you will need to sign up for an account as mentioned in the previous point.)
  • Watermarks are added to the images now but it is not big enough to destroy the picture. Removal of the watermark so you can share it other places without crediting is forbidden!
  • We removed the Guestbook and put in the commenting option! This means, you can now leave comments for each article on the site. Guests are welcomed to leave comments too, but to prevent spam from bots, all comments will require approval from the staff ; ;
  • We have rotating banners at the top of the page!! 8D I'd like to take this chance to thank yorihisa and sheepishsheep for making the banners currently displaying. Please don't start spamming F5 to see them all because it will kill our server >_>;;
  • We've reactivated the RSS Feed. This is an updated version  so shouldn't bring that nasty virus in again T^T

This should be all. Please enjoy your stay here >w<


P.S. if you notice any broken link or missing image, please leave a comment here~




Dengeki Girl's Style 09/21 Issue and more news!

Hi all~

Kaho here bring you otome news again. m(_ _)m

This time featuring the Dengeki Girl’s Style電撃Girl’s Style to be released 10th of August.

As you can see, this will be a volume featuring the Hakuouki games due to its close launch in a month’s time ^^/

The magazine will feature 22 pages of Hakuouki goodies on both the Hakuouki Zuisouro and the PSP version of the original Hakuouki game. Together with it, you can get a Saito Hajime strap as you can see on the magazine cover.

Another main feature in this magazine is also the pin ups of Kiniro no Corda 2f Encore.

And of course many other news of the latest otome games such as a walkthrough guide for Lucian Bee.

Next, I would just like to do a bit of post about this new game that is under progress which I thought would be extremely interesting once it is released.


B's Log September News

Hi all~

This is Kaho here bringing you some news on the upcoming otome games taken from the B’s Log September Issue.

A to die for cover from the up coming game Hakuouki Zuisoroku


1. First of all, a little update on the upcoming Kiniro no Corda 2f Encore game to be released on PSP format on 20th, less than a month away!



One week to the game that will change history


Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE



1.Never fall in love with the targets
2. Never show your true colors to the targets
3. Never loose your beauty

Release date: 30/07/2009
Official Site

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From 5pb. (Hakushaku to Yousei, Skip Beat, Your Memories off Girl’s Style) HuneX (Dear my Sun!, VitaminX, VitaminZ) and Maeda Hirotaka (character design for VitaminX and VitaminZ), the otome game that will change history.




Another long wait, but it a long new chapter!

Dear all,

I am sorry once again with the long wait, work has been crazy blah blah blah excuses...xD

But seriously, I wont forget my fics so here it comes! Chapter Eight of Scarlet Fangs of A Goddess!

This time featuring the wonder Kuran Haruka and Juri~~~ @v@

I really only planned to write a little about Haruka, but I guess my love for him got carried away and ended up writing 20 pages about him xD

So this chapter is about the love triangle between Haruka, Juri and Rido + Cross NYAHAHAHA


p.s Because its kinda long, so dont forget to click "next" to go to part 2 of chapter eight!

Enjoy~ =w=


Another announcement is, we have decided to add more contents to the site so we will be bring forth news on otome games, NeoRomance related news and maybe seiyuu if there is the demand. So do check back on a regular basis when we offer you some of the latest news in the otome world!




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