2009 My NeoRomance Annual Competition!

Dear all~


Since the forums have been quiet lately (other than a few sections and you guys know which sections lol) and for the celebration of the news of Corda 3, we have decided to hold an event! This event has to do with designing/writing your own Haruka / Corda character(s), and at the end of the event, we will have a vote off! The winner with the most number of votes will receive a prize from the MNR staff! So have fun and participate XD!

Entry submission deadline: November 30th, 2009. 2400hr @ GMT+10.
Voting round: December 15th, 2009. 2400hr @ GMT+10


For details please read the announcement on the MNR Forum. Great prizes to be won!

Rumour has come true! Corda 3 is in Production!

Dear all~

I bring you a shocking or somewhat expected news!!

KOEI has decided to produce Kiniro no Corda 3 game which willl be released some time in 2010!!

The news is taken from the Famitsu website




コーエーは2010年春に『金色のコルダ3』をPSP(プレイステーション・ポータブル)とプレイステーション2向けに発売することを発表した。価格は両機種とも6090円[税込]。通常版のほかに、『金色のコルダ3 プレミアムBOX』、『金色のコルダ3 トレジャーBOX』(ともに内容、価格未定)も発売される。

『金色のコルダ』は、2003年9月19日にPC用ソフトとして発売された女性向け恋愛、育成シミュレーション。その後、プレイステーション2とPSPに 移植されている。最新作の『3』では、シリーズ最多となる12人のキャラクターとの恋愛が楽しめるほか、他校の生徒との交流もできる。主人公はこれまでの シリーズ作品と同様に、星奏学院の生徒として音楽部に所属。アンサンブルを組んで全国大会に出場する。


Which translates to be:


Kiniro no Corda 3 will be released on platforms PSP and PS2 in the Spring season of 2010. (around April?)

There will be 12 characters that you can have love endings with!

Koei has announced the release of the game Kiniro no Corda 3 on PSP and PS2 at the same time and is expected to be launched in Spring 2010. At the moment, the prices for games in both platforms are set at 6090 yen (inc tax).

Other than the Normal edition, there will also be Premium Box and Treasure Box editions released. (Prices for both limited editions are not yet known)

"Kiniro no Corda" is a love simulation game series created from the launch of the PC platform in 2003 10th September. It was later ported to both PSP and PS2. With the latest release of Corda 3, you can get love endings with 12 characters as well as interactions with students from other school. The heroine is also a student at Seiso Gakuin, but this time she will belong to the music faculty. She will be preparing the ensemble in order to enter a national wide concur.

In Corda3, the story will happen in the school dormitory, so you will be living under the same roof with the bishies??

So OMG, I SOOO knew it!! And after I have just post being ripped buying the Treasure Box for 2f Encore, I guess I am gonna end up buying the Treasure Box for Corda 3 again...orz

Will update once we have found out more ^^/



Chapter 9 of Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess is now ready^^/


Dear all~

I have updated chapter 9 of my Vampire Knight dream novel, Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess. Err...I have a feeling that I will get murdered for this chapter...because, as the title of the chapter suggests, it is a sad chapter...;_;

I have also closed the poll for who will acquire 'The Key' first because, I have now decided who will win the key xD

Adding onto that, I have once again moved over my Prince of Tennis fic My Worse Enemy over from the other server, and I will add them on one by one. And due to popular request, I will also be updating my Rikkai Hakkenden dream novel, a RikkaixHarutoki crack fic xD

Anyhow, do enjoy this new chapter, and please...dont kill me after you have read it xD~


Kiniro no Corda 2f Encore!


YEAHHHH~ My copy of the super big, huge, heavy WTFBBQ Kiniro no Corda 2f Encore TREASURE BOX has arrived in the mail today!! 8DD


So without further adue, let's move on to the contents of the notorious treasure box that weights like 2kg xD


Be warned, image heavy and excuse my sarcasm because...I am ranting for paying $130USD on this thing!



Hakuouki Artbooks!


Dear all~

Since I just received my copy of the pwetty Hakuouki artbook, just thought I would write this article about the beautiful Hakuouki artbooks that I thought you all should get your hands on because they are just...simply magic <33

In case you are confused, there are actually two artbooks that have been released so far.


As you can see from the pictures, the one on the left (with the pretty pink sakura petals) was released earlier titled

薄桜鬼 新選組奇譚 公式イラストブック 百花繚乱

And the one on the right (the one with the darker colour) was just recently released titled


薄桜鬼 原画集

So, in case you are confused with the differences of the two, and felt could only afford one, then I will just give a brief report on what the difference was. (But of course if you are a true fan and just need to get both like me, then by all means! XD)



How to get Lucian Bee's secret Wallpapers

Yes, there are extra Wallpapers for this beautiful game 8D

Before you read any further, please note that you in order to get them, you need to answer a questionaire and this can only be done if you bought a copy of the game...


Additional information