Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess Chapter 10 FINALLY up~

As the heading says, I apparently have not given up on this dream novel although I have not updated it for a few months xD;;

Not even sure anyone is still reading it HAHAHAHA

Anyhow, for those that are still waiting for it, it is up and ready and I know....I cant help it with the angest xD

And I may hear a few Zero fangirls scream in this chapter as well as people wanting to hug Kaname =w=

Head over to the Vampire Knight Fanfiction section to read xD

Happy 3rd anniversary MNR!

Dear all~

It's the third anniversary of this place!!!

To celebrate the event, there's a little gift for everyone over at the forum so join us and don't forget to thank our great miko for creating this place 8D

MNR 2009 Annual Competition Voting Round Opens!!


Alright! It's finally the voting round!

We have decided to have a head start on the voting round because there are lots of things to be read! There will be at least 2 weeks of voting time (from now until December 20 12:00AM GMT+10), so hopefully, everyone could get their votes in! We understand that it's a holiday season and some people may be out traveling or don't want to spend too much time online, so depending on the situation, we may extend the duration of the voting round. If you know a friend or someone who couldn't vote because she can't be here, or if you feel that a it takes a longer time for you to read through the entries, please feel free to send a PM to kaho, litewolf, or ニョロロ!


1. Please only vote for ONE entry per department. JUST ONE, not two, three or four, JUST ONE 8D.

2. Please state the reason why you are voting for it. ONLY THE VOTES WITH COMMENTS WILL COUNT. There are 4 departments, so it is mandatory to leave comments for Corda Art, Corda Text and Haruka Art; Haruka Text is default winner, and it would be great if you could also leave a comment.

If you don't feel comfortable sharing your opinion, you may send a PM to either

kaho, litewolf, or ニョロロ

and we will post your comments anonymously here. Your comments are greatly appreciated by the entry submitter! They want to know how you feel about their entry too! (And if you'd like to, you are also free to leave comments to the staff and late entries - although they cannot be voted or anything.)

3. You may vote for yourself, and in the case that you do, you do not need to submit a reason for it. HOWEVER, if you don't, we'll all know that you voted for yourself XD. (This doesn't matter whether you submit your reason through this thread or PM. So please, at least try to make up something lol.)


To vote, please go to this thread. Remember, you have to be a member that have joined the MNR forum before the 5th December 2009 to vote.

The Making of Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3 Announced!


The moment that some of us have been waiting for have finally came! Konami have decide to make Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story for Nintendo Dual Screen. Like their previous game where the first game use clover as symbol and second game use mermaid, they will use cherry blossom as the symbol for the third game.



Revealing of the first half of the new characters of Corda 3 xD

Well, guess what? Although I am sure by now all of you have found out that the making of the game Kiniro no Corda 3 is not a rumour but a real fact.

So in LaLa this month, a page of the rough sketch of the characters and their seiyuu are revealed!

Scanned by aestalitz

Go on read more to find out more



A new Otomate Game in Production, Set in Taisho Era


Dear all,

here I come bringing some otome game news ^^/~

Otomate has announced a new game in production together with VSC, the game creator that made several wonderful otome games such as Last Escort 1 & 2, Kanuchi White and Black, Towa no Sakura.

Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku


As you can see the game is set in the time of the Taisho Era, (yes round about 30's, before and during WWII)

Click on read more to find out more with images


Additional information