Yeepee~ Chapter 8 is up! Also a change to multimedia section

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yeah...lazy me finally finished chapter 8 of Durch Leiden Freude! I have revealed something surprising in this chapter, but it was all a preparation for the endings to come...XD

And yes, this is a very Kaji chapter, just felt the guy needs a bit more love....:3

There will be one more chapter to finally bringing in multiple endings. So, everything will happen in the next chapter,  someone is going to get a sad ending~

From the look on the poll, it might be Tsukimori... 

There is also a big change to the multimedia section.

Due to the virus problem, we have decided to move all the multimedia items to the forum. So if you want to access it, you must become an active member there to be given access.

Anyway, that is all!


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