Virus problem resolved

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Dear all, 

I guess you might all already be aware that this site was hit by a virus, and it was basically causing alot of trouble for people trying to browse the site. 

Apologies, and thanks to litewolf-san, this has been resolved. ^^ 

Due to some problems with the program that runs the download, I have taken down the multimedia section temporarily. This will be upped again once I have installed a new software. 

Other than that, I have been quite busy recently, and due to work I haven't been allowed to update Durch Leiden Freude, if anyone is still looking forward to it....>.>;; 

I have had some progress, and hopefully the updates will be up this coming weekend! Meanwhile, please help me once again in a new poll...XD

I want to write a sad ending for someone, meaning this person wins Kahoko's love at the  end but due to environment, time, etc they cannot to be together type of sad ending.

In this case, who do you think best suits a sad ending? Just some ideas for me to lay foundation for multiple endings. :3


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