Content Leechers!

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Hi all,

It is with sadness I had to make this announcement.

It has been brought to my attention that there were a few people who took contents of this site and claimed as their own, posting it on other websites.

So I would like to emphasise these rules:

The contents on this site, such as images, info, multimedia were provided to everyone for free as a service we do to share the love. So you are free to download them, enjoy them for your own.  But please do be considerate of the staff that went through the trouble to scan the images, rip and upload the CDs.
So if you were to use them outside of this site, please do credit us and not claim them as your own.

If the leeching continues, I will be forced to remove all the goodies because it is unfair to the staff that put in so much effort into putting them together.

Thank you,


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