B'sLOG and Ruby Party's Interview on Harukanaru Toki no Nakade 5

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• Ruby Party (RP) decided to have the game set in Bakumatsu because according to their survey, Bakumatsu is the next most popular after Heian. Moreover, the Bakumatsu era fits the setsunai (heartrending) image.

• RP assures the players that H5 will not deviate too much from the theme and the series itself (as in, it wouldn’t be too different than other games in the series with the traditional Japanese fantasy elements).

• Special attention was paid to the details of the historical facts because the Bakumatsu era is close to present.

• The concept for H5 is “The two worlds protected by a girl for the sake of her treasured love”.

• The heroine is not someone who may look strong on the outside, but she is strong internally. Throughout the story, she will affect others to join her cause.

• The go between two different eras makes up the core of the game, and it is possible to stay in the present or the Bakumatsu era, however, this may affect things down the road.

• The present in H5 is somewhat similar to our present, but due to certain incidents, it is currently barren (it’s not barren when the game starts).

• There might be a chance that the players cannot keep on fighting onryous and level up because in H5 the encounters and actions based on the player’s decision will influence the cause of the game, but RP assures that this wouldn’t make the game any more difficult than it sounds.

• The fighting system remains somewhat the same, but it is expected to have a huge implementation to it, the important point is the chain combo with fellow comrades. (It is hinted that there might be a chance to have all members present?)

• Not everyone will become friendly and affectionate towards the heroine as they came from different groups. RP is hinting that while there are may be some characters that are being “difficult” toward the heroine, there might be events to change their mind.

• The hachiyos will travel to the present, and RP states that the hachiyos’ expressions will be the interesting point of the game. It is expected that the hachiyos will be surprised and amazed about what they see.

• Some of the cast from the past Haruka series may make an appearance as the 4 gods. As to whether they will be related or interact with the new hachiyos, they will. RP is saying that with the expansion of the new cast and roles, players could pay attention to drama CDs and events.

• Like H4, other than the main prospects (the hachiyos), there will also be side characters that the players could go for.

• There wouldn’t be any characters that are particularly “harder to get”, it’s more about the differences between the ways relationships develop over time.

• As for the volume (capacity/length) of the game, it’s pretty much the same as the past games in the series.

• RP decided to make H5 on PSP because more people are getting it, and they could implement new events through the PS Store.

• The progress of development is somewhere around 70% at the moment.


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