Kiniro no Corda 3 Treasure Box PS2

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So the very first thing I notice while getting my package is...



Luckily, the contents inside were perfect

Now that my heart is at ease, I notice the second thing: the box is small. Before you shout at me, let's have a comparison round!

First round: Otomate vs Koei, hosted by Kanuchi Black

Koei wins, period. However if we start comparing this box with other Koei boxes...

Harukanaru Ukihashi Special wins. I admit that box was particularly big so this time, I'll compare it with Corda 2f...

CORDA 3 STILL ENDS UP BEING THE SMALLEST! AND I EVEN GOT THE PS2 VERSION! See where my disappointment comes from? T^T

Ok I'll end the ranting now and move to the juicy stuff, the content of the long awaited box!

First layer

Kure Yuki Original Art Collection. The book is half-half. I love looking at concept sketches, but in this case it looks like she got the characters down at first try. There are only 3-4 characters who actually have some difference, but it's mainly in the hair >_>;

Second layer

Special Postcard thing or however it was called. There are 24 postcards illustrating the drama cd that came with the limited boxes.

Third layer

Simply the game ^^;

Fourth layer

Empty lol

Fifth layer, removing the fourth

Collection of classical music (the ensemble pieces played in the game) and A moment in Summer, the drama cd which is illustrated by the postcards.

Sixth and last layer

Schedule book and name tag, now let's see this box more closely

Now you can see the organizer on your left, name tag on your right. I have to say, they are really made of leather at least that. By now I was already feeling ripped off seeing how the plastic of the postcards was closed with a simple piece of tape! It was so hard opening without breaking!!! What happened to those plastics with build-in tape you used to use Koei??!!!

*cough* Now more on the last two pieces of the box

This is me holding the trophy. The empty space on the back is as big as the Linden Hall's picture, which I have to say is quite small for foreigner's name. Guess it goes to show, their market is the Japanese one >_>;

Marking this organizer as an Official Corda one, is the Seisou simble marked on the second picture. Else, it really looks just like any other organizer you can buy in the store closest to you ^^; Oh and about the refill Koei was so nice to add...'s so small it makes me think, Koei knows too well we fangirls would never use it XDD


And this is the end of our little trip in the latest Koei's Box, hope you enjoyed it ^^/

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it is out of stock now =( i was planning
7Thursday, 23 June 2011 02:29
it is out of stock now =( i was planning my bro to buy it for me
Oh! Looks very lovely, I must say. *is n
6Thursday, 08 April 2010 21:49
Oh! Looks very lovely, I must say. *is now wishing she could speak fluent Japanese so she can get the game and stalk all the amazingly hot bishies from La Corda 1, 2, 3 XD*
If it's not too much to ask, please please please could you be bothered to put some translations and pictures of the different paths up, so that the rest of us non-Japanese-speaking peoples can bask in the glory of your amazing-ness? Pretty please. x
Oh, and lovin' Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess. :)
Mine just come today. And looks more ter
5Saturday, 27 March 2010 09:40
Mine just come today. And looks more terrible than your package, the t-box cover have some cut T_T.

I used to think ps2 box is larger than psp box.
But when i see the pics, maybe the box is same, coz the game layer of mine is too big for psp game (its use the same size of ps2 game layer).

Thanks for sharing~!
*le gasp* where do you get it! i'd go th
4Monday, 22 March 2010 14:39
*le gasp* where do you get it! i'd go thru fire to have one.
3Wednesday, 17 March 2010 06:42
Ah, never mind - the pics are already up
2Tuesday, 02 March 2010 18:53
Ah, never mind - the pics are already up I see ^_^ Silly me.
TT^TT....... Now you make me wish I b
1Monday, 01 March 2010 23:14

Now you make me wish I bought Tbox.

But since I have passed the Tbox collector linage onto you, I shall try to refrain myself xD

maybe I will buy Tbox if its Haruka 5
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