Guess who else will be appearing in Corda 3 the game? xD

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Oh well, a bit of interesting news in the Corda world.

For those that are sad the original cast of Corda have now gone bye bye to live their own lives now instead of pleasing the fangirls, KOEI comes and throws this in.



So far Famitsu has only revealed that the below 2 will be appearing, unsure yet of the others but if you are curious on what our original Corda cast looks like in their 20s, here they are! xD

Hihara Kazuki at 25!!

He will be the new Ousaki, now appearing as the OB of Seiso Gakuin and comes and cheer the new heroine on xD

Then we have...

Etou Kiriya at 22

He is now the internationally renown violinist. His role in the game is to make a appearance only HAHAHA

Lets hope there will also be the appearance of other casts. But have a feeling for that to happen, KOEI might force you to buy the fan disk they are already planning to launch.



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yup, i like etou when he was young. He l
2Saturday, 28 May 2011 07:00
yup, i like etou when he was young. He looked like a bad, naughty kind of boy. Now he's just like some sissy boy! Hahahaa... But i still like him.
Hm...I like Kazuki (which is surprising
1Sunday, 17 January 2010 22:21
Hm...I like Kazuki (which is surprising since he's not on my favorites list normally), but Kiriya (who I do like a bit) doesn't look like himself to me...Oh well - I can't wait to see the rest of the guys! (Especially my fav Kanayan~...wait, how old is he now? O_O Sensei, should you really still be in otome games?)
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