The Making of Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3 Announced!

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In the third game we will go back to the school from the first game. Set in Habataki school 7 years after the first game ended. They will add more feature this time. They have upgrade the uniform of Habataki, the girls won't be wearing sailor suit and the guys uniform change a bit from the first game. Some new places were added for the scenery, new clothes to go on a date and the one we like the most from DS feature, the returning of skinship approach with the guys.

As their previous games, we will have all new cast seiyuu that haven't been revealed yet. It's announced the game will be released sometime in 2010.

They have only introduced the first 3 characters from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd story.

The Prince

Sakurai Ruka
Birthday:July 1st
Sign:Cancer Blood: 0
Height/Weight: 178/64kg

The prince of the third game is a bit rebellious but popular with the ladies. He's living alone and have a part time at the flower shop. He seems like a tough guy but he will sometimes show his lonely side.

The Sporty guy

Fujiyama Arashi
Birthday:Sept 8th
Sign:Virgo Blood: AB
Height/Weight: 177/70kg

A true japanese man that you rarely see these days. The sporty type, practices Judo and he's very skilled at it. A very honest and straight forward person. He wears a white tapping in his middle fingers.

The Smart guy

Konno Tamao
Birthday:Jan 9th
Sign:Capricorn Blood: 0
Height/Weight: 181/65kg

The president of the student council. A year older than you, a kind and respectable senpai that adored by many of the student of Habataki. Also he's the brother of Konno Tamami from the first game. If you are playing the first game, you'll notice that in one of Tamami letters she did mention he have a brother the same age as Tsukushi the little brother of the heroine from the first game. Tamao never make an appearance in the first game.



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wow... Can I play the game? How? pleas
1Friday, 03 December 2010 22:38
Can I play the game? How?
please answer...
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