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  • 薄桜鬼 新選組奇譚 公式イラストブック 百花繚乱

This book to my personal opinion actually contains more "illustrated" art of the Hakuouki theme. Not only that, this book gives you a pull out poster size illustration of all the Shinsengumi members ^^

Oh, and dont forget the beautiful ricepaper outside the book as cover, and it is hard cover too <33

And along with it many other special illustrations used to promote the game in various magazines such as B's Log and Dengeki Girl's Style.

Downside of it is, because it "aims" to be the game's official guide book, so all the game CGs were consolidated into only a few pages, and were rather small...

But towards the end of the book, there are walkthrough guides of the game, so a wonderful book to have if you need it to play the game ^^/

It also includes interviews with each of the seiyuu that casted in the Shinsengumi team, very interesting thing to read :D


  • 薄桜鬼 原画集

This book is literally, as the title states, "Artbook". The whole book doesnt really get into anything about the game, no interviews etc, purely just game CG collection in bigger size compared to the condensed one you see on the top...

As shown, each CG occupies a page with a little blurb of the conversation used when the CG appeared in the game. And therefore, this book is actually thicker than the first one.

However, in my personal opinion, the Hakuouki illustrations that were used in this book (ones such as CD cover illustrations etc) were apparently less than in the other book.

The illustrations ACTUALLY were already used in the other book, and are smaller than the first one so...you probably noticed by now, my heart leans towards the other book more XD

In conclusion:

Since both books cost the same, and if you really just want game CG, buy the second one. But if you like more variation of illustrations, and want a prettier looking book, buy the first one xD

You can buy these books on Amazon.jp

Despite the rip off shipping, they do ship overseas so...

Seriously, you guys have to own at least one of these, Kazuki Yone's art is totally worth collecting. Owning a copy in your hand is a different feeling to seeing it scanned on to the computer. I would have scanned these books, but since the books are so beautiful, I was afraid it would kill the binding....;_;



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sexual definitely not, graphics...probab
7Saturday, 12 September 2009 05:55
sexual definitely not, graphics...probably because of the blood sucking scenes when they turn into vampires? xD;
Thank you for such a good review of the
6Friday, 11 September 2009 14:31
Thank you for such a good review of the two books. I'm happy I just bought the first one. BTW I found the second book on another retail site but they said it had "graphic sexual content" is that true?!? o_o

Also, FYI to anyone who lives in the United States. Both of these books are at http://www.akadot.com/ and they have free shipping for larger orders. :)
Thanks for the review! Now I don't regre
5Monday, 24 August 2009 02:46
Thanks for the review! Now I don't regret for not getting the 2nd artbook since it's almost the same... but I'll get it someday when I have the money. :DDDDDDdd
>oggh I was debating on which one to buy
4Friday, 21 August 2009 23:36
>oggh I was debating on which one to buy but I still haven't decided yet haha xD

I saw a copy at Kinokuniya and totally don't blame you for not wanting to bend the book for scanning. I think some fans went crazy over the sample copy since it was so dead at the store D:

T_T I may just end up buying both as well though too haha
Thanks for the comparison. I wasn't sure
3Friday, 21 August 2009 23:22
Thanks for the comparison. I wasn't sure which one to get. I'll probably get the first one. Owning a physical copy of artbooks is actually worth it (esp. if the artist is Kazuki Yone). ^^
dont worry, you are not a freak at all x
2Friday, 21 August 2009 13:35
dont worry, you are not a freak at all xD
I was totally freaking out about leaving finger prints on the beautiful glossy pages xD

And I still keep them in the original plastic wrap...HAHAHA
I nearly scampered to my local Kinokuniy
1Friday, 21 August 2009 13:24
I nearly scampered to my local Kinokuniya to grab one when I found out about the 2nd one this morning! *hasn't been catching up*

I loved loved loved the one with the ricepaper. I even wrapped it in beautiful pink tissue paper to keep it safe *GEEK*

Thank you for the comparison! I was wondering about the differences because I was reading some of the reviews in japanese... argh I'd still want the 2nd book though!! *gets ready to starve for quite a while* XDDD
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