One week to the game that will change history

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The heroine is the newest member of the Striker, a group of three women part of the secret organization called Lucian Bee’s. Their mission? Turn six ‘helpless’ boys from all over the world into super good looking men and have them form the idol unit ‘Romanxia’. But with the rival organization Daresign interfering with the mission, your task might be even more harder…


In order to complete the makeover for each target, you need to clear a set of chapters for each of them. During the game, your choices will affect two stats of your target: CP (Custom Point) and LP (Love Point). These two stats will determine your overall rank for the mission (from S to D) and the ending you will see. But be careful: remember that you will be working under cover, if your target gets too suspicious, your cover will blow up and the mission fail!

The latest B'S Log issue includes a guide to clear the first chapter for Van and Jesse. Also it had a picture of the limited edition goodies (left in the picture).

Limited Edition

Now the list of the characters involved in this game!


Luke RockwellLuke Rockwell (CV: TAKERU): USA, super-otaku and son of the current President.
Remmy J Belmondo Remmy J Belmondo (CV: Miyano Mamoru): France, big opera star and big narcissist.
Van Caien Van Caien (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa): Japan, boss of a motorbike gang.
Lee Katoru Lee Katoru (CV: Kaji Yuuki): China, expert in music and dance, for his own safety he’s forced to live disguised as a woman.
Jesse Kid Square Jesse Kid Square (CV: Terashima Takuma): England, guitarist and vocalist of the famous band ‘Knights Of Round’.
Anjelica AsiyuwanAnjelica Asiyuwan (CV: Hino Satoshi): United Arab Emirates (Dobai), loves gambling and is very spoiled.


Lucian Bee’s:

Anna HiiragiAnna HiiragiAnna Hiiragi (you, the heroine): Japan, newest member of the organization.
Melrose Attachment Melrose Attachment (CV: Shyouji Umeka): France, team leader and Bali’s top model.
Quiet Bluebird Quiet Bluebird (CV: Komatsu Yuka): Spain, team mood maker and martial artist trainer.

Metropous V:
Guido Ashanti Guido Ashanti (CV: Yusa Kouji): Italy, team leader and Milan’s supermodel.
Didie Lightnorth Didie Lightnorth (CV: Suzuki Chihiro): France, chef of a 5-star restaurant.
Nathan Bloodline Nathan Bloodline (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi): USA, hairdresser in San Francisco.
Frederick Barnard Jr. Frederick Barnard Jr. (CV: Fukuyama Jun): Denmark, designer in Copenhagen.
Cromwell Neeson Cromwell Neeson (CV: Ohtsuka Akio): England, teacher of good manners.



HoneyBuzzard VI:
BarbaraBarbara (CV: Takahashi Hiroki): Australia.
Void Mollet Void Mollet (CV: Toriumi Kousuke): France.
Rai Sairenji Rai Sairenji (CV: Suganuma Hisaya): Japan.
Jagar Buckingham Jagar Buckingham (CV: Itou Kentarou): Luxemburg.
Michelle Woo Michelle Woo (CV: Hatano Wataru): China.
Zephyrus Zephyrus (CV: Sugita Tomokazu): ???




*credits to Mizutama for the B'S Log scans. Characters pictures taken from the official site*

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