Another long wait, but it a long new chapter!

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Dear all,

I am sorry once again with the long wait, work has been crazy blah blah blah excuses...xD

But seriously, I wont forget my fics so here it comes! Chapter Eight of Scarlet Fangs of A Goddess!

This time featuring the wonder Kuran Haruka and Juri~~~ @v@

I really only planned to write a little about Haruka, but I guess my love for him got carried away and ended up writing 20 pages about him xD

So this chapter is about the love triangle between Haruka, Juri and Rido + Cross NYAHAHAHA


p.s Because its kinda long, so dont forget to click "next" to go to part 2 of chapter eight!

Enjoy~ =w=


Another announcement is, we have decided to add more contents to the site so we will be bring forth news on otome games, NeoRomance related news and maybe seiyuu if there is the demand. So do check back on a regular basis when we offer you some of the latest news in the otome world!