stolen images

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Dear all,

I know everyone are happy and enjoying the scans we provided in the gallery section.

However I have found several being uploaded elsewhere such as animepaper without my permission.

I dont understand why anyone would do this, download the images from here and then go and upload them somewhere else in order to earn paper points and be thanked by everyone else?

Seriously, if I want these images shared elsewhere, I would upload them myself. But there is a reason why these images are only hosted here at My NeoRomance. If you think others should also enjoy these beautiful scans, refer them to this site and do not steal them!

These images were scanned by the staff individually, not to mention the money spent to buy these books and magazines, and the amount of effort put into sitting there before the scanner, scanning them one by one and cleaning them up, uploading them to the server.

I am sure there are plenty other sites out there that hosts the images from here, if you were one of those people who had shared them outside of this site, take them down IMMEDIATELY. If I do see them floating around, I will stop providing these scans.

So please, think twice before doing so.


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