A Corda Header for a Change!

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Hi all~

In case you havent already noticed, we changed the header of the website this time featuring La Corda D'oro~

This is sort of to celebrate the launch of the TV special anime of La Corda D'oro Second Passo which is scheduled to be aired in Japan on 26th March 2009!

I thought since there are many rumours flying around about a second season, I would use this opportunity to clear it up. There is no second season, but only a 2 episode TV special. So for those that were led to believe the existence of an entire 26 episode anime, you will be disappointed.

But still, I am happy with the release of the 2 episodes, this time featuring the 3 new charatcers, Kaji Aoi, Kira Akihiko and Eto Kiriya.

I just realised the header doesnt have the 3 new guys....

 For those that have not yet seen the promotional video of Second Passo, you can view it on the official website ^^/

I am very glad with the quality of the anime, it is pretty nicely done.

Anyway, I hope you all like the new header since it's time to give Corda some love xD


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