A New Dream Novel Series Starts!

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Hi all,

with all your support of my last dream novel series Durch Leiden Freude, I have now decided to start another one based on the manga/anime Vampire Knight. yes I know it is not NeoRomance, but I wanted to write something for this fandom so here it goes.

It is more an original story with the same characters, but the heroine is not Cross Yuki but an original character which would be you. ^^

 As usual I will mix in all the other characters from the series, but because it is very original, meaning it doesnt have much of a link to the original story (e.g Zero being a vampire etc) so even if you have never read the series you should still be able to enjoy it as an original story on its own.

So lots of love triangles again and expect angst and cliffhangers! xD

You can read it under "Other Anime Fandom" menu on the side.


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