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Hi all~

just letting you know that I have created a new section called 'Omake' under Neo Romance fandom.

Omake is the place where I place all the fanfics written by other people for the site, so enjoy them there~

  1. Thanks to SweetCakes, she wrote a hillarious Corda fic called Bunny Tale and has been included in the Omake section. Read it, it will make you cry with tears of laughter!
  2. ayame has kindly written a Yunoki lemon episode for Durch Leiden Freude. You can also enjoy it in the Omake section.
  3. I have also added my Kaji lemon I wrote as an extra for the DLF Kaji ending. It is also in the Omake section.

I will add more as more gift fanfics as they comes along~

Oh, one more thing. Since I get stuck everytime writing Hihara's ending, I have decided to give up and skip it and move onto Tsukimori's ending for DLF instead. As expected, I had no problem writing it, so expect Tsukimori Ending to be up soon~

 Yes, Tsukimori's ending is the OFFICIAL Durch Leiden Freude ending...yeepee for all you Tsukimori fans.



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